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Ying Chen

Ph. D student

Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Biodiversity Science and Ecological Engineering, Fudan Univeristy

Mailing Address: 101 David L. Boren Blvd., Norman, Oklahoma 73019, USA

E-mail: ;


B.S., Biotechnology, Fujiang Agriculture and Forest University, China, 2002-2006

M.S., Ecology, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 2007-2011

Ph. D., Ecology, Fudan University, China, 2011-

Professional Experience

Attending Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug )‘s breeding research in Xinjiang, China, 2006-2007

Attending bird monitoring projects in Urumqi International Airport in in Xinjiang, China, 2006-2007

Responsible for Tianshan mountain desert and grassland species monitoring project in Xinjiang, China, 2008-2010

Responsible for investigating the impact of coastal reclamation onto shorebirds along the Yellow Sea of Chinese part, China, 2011-

Research Interests

Population ecology and spatial ecology, specific questions as follow

How do the rapid habitat loss impact migration shorebirds?

How do the shorebirds adjust their migration behavior to the habitat changes?


Y Chen, M Ma, WD Li, BW Hu, D Peng. 2011. Seasonal changes of bird communities in different habitats in desert region of Fukang, Xinjiang. Chinese Journal of Ecology, 30(2): 273-280.

Y Chen, M Ma, D Peng, WD Li, BW Hu. 2011. The Correlation Pattern between Breeding Desert Bird Communities and Natural Vegetation in Fukang, Xinjiang. Chinese Journal of Zoology, 46(6): 24-33.

M Ma, Y Chen, K Bayahen, BW Hu, F Li, JQ Wu, X Gao, Y Mei. 2010. Seasonal changes in the number of Relict Gull (Larus relictus) at Ebinur Lake, Western China. Journal of Arid Land, 2(2): 151-155.

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