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Yaoping Cui


Research scientist in Earth Observation and Modeling Group,

Center for Spatial Analysis, Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology,

University of Oklahoma

101 David L. Boren Blvd. Norman, Oklahoma 73019, USA




2012   Ph.D. Natural resources

Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resource Research, Chinese Academy of Science

2009   M.A. Ecology

Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Science

2006   B.A. Biology

Shihezi University



2016.3-      Visiting scholar, Center for Spatial Analysis, University of Oklahoma

2012.7-   Associate Professor, Henan University



Land use and land cover change

Urban-rural ecology

Climate regulation and mechanism



2017-2020, “Studying the temperature-regulation effects of changes in regional land underlying surface and greenhouse gases”, National Natural Science Foundation of China (41671425)

2015-2017, “The regulating mechanism and contribution rate of land use change on regional air temperature in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region”, National Natural Science Foundation of China (41401504)



 Selected Refereed Articles

Yaoping Cui, Xinliang Xu, Jinwei Dong, Yaochen Qin. Influence of Urbanization Factors on Surface Urban Heat Island Intensity: A Comparison of Countries at Different Developmental Phases. Sustainability, 2016, 8(8), 706; doi:10.3390/su8080706.

Yaoping Cui, Xiaoju Ning, Yaochen Qin, Xu Li, Youmin Chen. Spatio-temporal changes in agricultural hydrothermal conditions in China from 1951 to 2010. Journal of Geographical Sciences. 2016, 26(6): 643–657.

Yaoping Cui, Jiyuan Liu, Xuezhen Zhang, Yaochen Qin, Jinwei Dong. Modeling urban sprawl effects on regional warming in Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan urban agglomeration. Acta Ecological Sinica. 2015, 35(4):993-1003.

Yaoping Cui. Preliminary estimation of the realistic optimum temperature for vegetation growth in China. Environmental Management, 2013, 52:151-162.

Jia Li, Yaoping Cui, Jiyuan Liu, et al. Estimation and analysis of the net primary productivity by integrating MODIS remote sensing data with a light use efficiency model. Ecological Modelling, 2013, 252:3-10.

Yaoping Cui, Jiyuan Liu, Yunfeng Hu, et al. Modeling the radiation balance of different urban underlying surfaces. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2012, 57(9):1046-1054.

Yaoping Cui, Jiyuan Liu, Junbang Wang, et al. Modeling urban energy balance and temperature differences of different underlying surfaces. Geographical Research, 2012, 31(7):1257-1268.


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