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Xiaoqing Wu (吴晓青),  Associate Research Professor

Laboratory of Coastal Information Integration and Management,

Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

17 Chunhui Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong 264003, P.R.China

Tel: (86)-535-2109193 (O), Fax: (86)-535-2109000 (O), E-mail:



w   Ph.D. in Landscape Ecology, 2004.09-2007.07, Institute of Applied Ecology,ChineseAcademy of Sciences;

w   M.S. in Human Geography, 2001.09-2004.07,Northeast Normal University,China;

w   B.S. in Geography Science,1999.09-2001.07, Yantai Normal University, China;

Professional Experience

w   2013.12 to 2014.12, Research Scholar , Center for Spatial Analysis, and Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology,University of Oklahoma,USA

w   2011.01to now: Associated Research Professor, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research,ChineseAcademyof Sciences(YIC-CAS);

w   2007.07  to 2010.12: Assistant Research Professor, YIC-CAS;



Research interests

×            Landscape Ecology;

×            Application of Remote Sensing and GIS;

×            Integrated Coastal Zone Management


Selected publications

[1]       Xiaoqing Wu, Meng Gao, De Wang, Yong Wang, Qingshui Lu, Zhidong Zhang. 2012. Framework and practice of integrated coastal zone management inShandong Province,China. Ocean & Coastal Management, 69:58−67.

[2]       Xiaoqing Wu, Yuanman Hu, Hongshi He, Fengming Xi, Rencang Bu. 2010. Study on forecast scenarios for simulation of future urban growth in ShenyangCity based on SLEUTH model. Geo-Spatial Information Science, 13(1): 32−39.

[3]       Xiaoqing Wu, Yuanman Hu, Hongshi He, Rencang Bu, Jeff Onsted, Fengming Xi. 2009. Performances evaluation of SLEUTH model inShenyang metropolitan area,Northeastern China. Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 14(2): 221–230.

[4]       Xiaoqing Wu, Yuanman Hu, Hongshi He, Rencang Bu, Fengming Xi. 2008. Accuracy evaluation and its application of SLEUTH urban growth model. Geomatics and Information Science ofWuhanUniversity, 33(3): 1423−1425.

Xiaoqing Wu, Yuanman Hu, Hongshi He, Rencang Bu, Fengming Xi. 2007. Spatio-temporal pattern of urban growth and its driving forces in Shenyang city. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 18(10): 2282−2288. 

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