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Audrey (Xiaolei) Wang

Postdoctoral Research Associate
(405) 325-5197,

Center for Spatial Analysis
College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences
101 David L. Boren Blvd.
Norman, Oklahoma 73019-5300, USA
Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019, USA



Ph.D. in Optical Physics, Tohoku University, Japan, 1991

Research Interests

  • Advanced modeling and numerical methods in remote sensing technologies and applications for understanding earth surface characteristics such as statistical and physical approaches to estimating biogeophysical and biogeochemical variables of vegetation cover from remotely sensed data
  • Computer simulation software development such as developing FORTRAN and IDL programs for spatial analysis of large volume data of satellite remote sensing products
  • Earth system science, particularly understanding of the impact of land cover and land use change on climate change and earth system

Current Research

  • Improvement of radiative transfer model for estimating biogeochemical (e.g., leaf chlorophyll content) and bigeophysical (e.g., leaf area index) parameters of forest
  • Collecting ground measurement data for the model validation
  • Development of IDL programs for MODIS and AmeriFlux data analysis

Work Experience

  • Research on computer simulation of global vegetation dynamics based on remote sensing products and agricultural land use change maps to be coupled to global carbon climate models
  • Development of statistical approach to global vegetation classification of tree functional types into boreal, temperate and tropical divisions
  • Development of time series datasets of land cover indices from MODIS and Landsat ETM+ data
  • Research and development of modeling, algorithm and software for remote sensing of coast environments (sea surface currents, waves, temperature and turbidity)
  • Development of Tsunami simulation software

Publications and Conference Proceedings

  • A. Ito, J. E. Penner, M. J. Prather, C. P. de Campos, R. A. Houghton, T. Kato, A. K. Jain, X. Yang, G. C. Hurtt, S. Frolking, M. G. Fearon, L. P. Chini, A. Wang, and D. T. Price (2008), Can we reconcile differences in estimates of carbon fluxes from land-use change and forestry for the 1990s?, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8, 1-19.
  • Audrey Wang and David T. Price (2007), Estimating Global Distribution of Boreal, Temperate and Tropical Tree Plant Functional Types Using Clustering Techniques, Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, G01024, doi:10.1029/2006JG000252.
  • Audrey Wang, David T. Price and Vivek Arora (2006), Estimating Changes in Global Vegetation Cover (1850-2100) for use in Climate Models, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 20, GB3028, doi:10.1029/2005GB002514.
  • Audrey Wang and David T. Price (2005), A Simple Approach to Global Classification of Tree Plant Functional Types Using Cluster Analysis, presented at the AGU Fall Meeting on December 2005, San Francisco, California.
  • Audrey Wang, David T. Price and Vivek Arora (2004), A Simple Approach to Estimating Temporal Changes in Global Vegetation for Use in a Coupled Terrestrial Ecosystem-Atmosphere Model, presented at the Joint Assembly of AGU and CGU on May 2004, Montreal.
  • Naoya Takeda, Katsunori Tanaka, Xiaolei Wang, Mikihiko Ikezawa, and Takemi Komatsubara (1994), Magnetoresistance and de Haas-Van Alphen Effect of Quasi-two-Dimensional Metal Ag2F, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 63(1), 14.
  • Xiaolei Wang, and Mikihiko Ikezawa (1991), Anisotropic Drude Reflectivity of Ag2F Crystal, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 60(4), 1398.
  • Xiaolei Wang, Takao Nanba, Mikihiko Ikezawa, Shigeyuki Hayashi, and Hiroshi Komatsu (1988), Optical Absorption of Yba2Cu3O7-? and ErBa2Cu3O7-? Crystal duo to Interband Transition, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 27(10), 1913.
  • Xiaolei Wang, Takao Nanba, Mikihiko Ikezawa, Shigeyuki Hayashi, and Hiroshi Komatsu (1987), Optical Reflectivity of Single Crystal of YBa2Cu3O7-? and ErBa2Cu3O7-?, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 26(12), 2023.

Professional Activities

Reviewer for Journal of Geophysical Research
Reviewer for Ecological Modelling

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