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GIS Day 2015 at the University of Oklahoma, Nov 17th 2015  

Poster registration


If you use geospatial technologies (remote sensing, global positioning system and geographic information system) or conduct spatial data analysis in your research or course projects, please enter a poster that showcases your research activity. Undergraduate students,  graduate students, post-doctoral research associates, research scientists and faculty members are encouraged to participate. Two weeks prior to GIS Day you will be contacted to finalize your registration details including author list and abstract and given full participant information. 


Participation include a free lunch, T-shirt and poster mounting! 

Enter to Win prizes! - Free Printing for first 10 entries*

Participation includes lunch, t-shirt and poster mounting!


Student poster contest





Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University are eligible to participate




  • Three prizes will be given in both the undergraduate and graduate categories.
    1. First Prize:$200 
    2. Second Prize: $100 
    3. Third Prize: $50 


Winners will be announced and awards given at the GIS Day Expo.




Registration deadline: Friday, November 6th


Poster submission deadline Thursday, Monday, November 9th, submit to Melissa Scott at in PDF format sized as specified below.


How to participate


  1. Complete and submit the registration form below by November 7th. You will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Prepare your poster to show your research activities. The content of your poster can range from preliminary results to the ready-for-submission-to-journal results. *Free printing is available for the first 10 entries, your confirmation email will notify you if you are eligible for free printing and proivide more information.
  3. Poster size is 48-inch in width and 36-inch in height.
  4. Submit your poster in electronic form and registration revisions by November 9th.
  5. Display your poster by 10:00am at the GIS Day Expo on 11/17/2014. Easels, form board and adhesive materials will be provided to all participants on site
  6. Attend your poster from 10:30am - 12:00pm to meet students and judges


Evaluation and Criteria


Entries will be evaluated by faculty judges from the GIS Day Expo committee.


Evaluation criteria is available at OU GIS Day Scorecard.








Please provide the following information to complete your registration. A confirmation email will be sent to you after your poster registration is approved.


Technical Support


  • For technical questions on poster preparation and evaluation, please contact Dr. Keith Brewster ( who leads the Student Poster Contest.
  • For printing contact Melissa Scott (
  • For accommodations on the basis of disability contact Melissa Scott at


What is 5 + 6?

Registered Posters

Graduate Student

  • Fast Food Density and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Oklahoma between 2003 and 2012 Nguyen, Nhan

    OU Health Science Center

  • Spatial-temporal dynamics of agricultural drought in the tallgrass prairie region of the Southern Great Plains during 2000-2013 Zhou, Yuting

    University of Oklahoma

  • TKSimGPU: A Parallel Top-K Trajectory Similarity Query Processing Algorithm for GPGPUs Leal G, Eleazar

    University of Oklahoma

  • Using the National Land Cover Database and LIDAR to reveal urban abandonment in Detroit Thompson, Emily

    University of Oklahoma

  • Breakpoint analysis with the BFAST algorithm applied to global vegetation index Holtzman, Laura

    University of Oklahoma

  • Improving Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Oklahoma Winter Wheat Farmers Klemm, Toni

    OU / South Central Climate Science Center

  • Did You Catch Something? Where to Stand Along Mardi Gras Parade Route A Buerger, Claude

    University of Oklahoma

  • Foreign Aid and Inequality: What the Evidence From Outer Space Tells Us Duan, Yi

    University of Oklahoma

  • Processing Topographical Data for Use in Hydrological Modeling Clark, Race


  • Understanding the effect of precipitation on soil moisture through remote sensing and in-situ measurement Zheng, Yaoyao

    Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing Lab

  • Gross Primary Production in Oklahoma from 2000 to 2014 Zhang, Yao

    University of Oklahoma Norman Campus

  • Mapping the dynamics of red cedar encroachment in Oklahoma wang, Jie

    University of Oklahoma Norman Campus

  • Dynamics of Open Surface Water Bodies in Oklahoma from 1984 to 2014 ZOU, Zhenhua

    University of Oklahoma

Undergraduate Student

  • Using NASA Earth Observations to Analyze Heat and Light Pollution in Urban Environments Holland, Alex

    University of Oklahoma

  • Analysis of Tornado Damage Recovery using Landsat 5 Imagery Conner, Tim

    University of Oklahoma

  • Using LiDAR to Analyze Geographic Susceptibility to Coastal Flooding Magee, Chloe

    University of Oklahoma

  • Climate Change in the Mind of a College Student: A Cross-Sectional Study on Climate Change Perceptions at the University of Oklahoma Ignac, Benjamin

    University of Oklahoma

Post-doctoral associate, research scientists and faculty members

  • The dominant role of physiological change in the long-term trend and inter-annual variability of gross primary productivity across temperate and boreal North America Zhou, Sha

    Tsinghua University

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