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GIS Day 2014 at the University of Oklahoma, Nov 13th 2014  

Poster registration


If you use geospatial technologies (remote sensing, global positioning system and geographic information system) or conduct spatial data analysis in your research or course projects, please enter a poster that showcases your research activity. Undergraduate students,  graduate students, post-doctoral research associates, research scientists and faculty members are encouraged to participate.


Participation include a free lunch, T-shirt and poster mounting! 

Enter to Win prizes! - Free Printing for first 10 entries*

Participation includes lunch, t-shirt and poster mounting!


Student poster contest



Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University are eligible to participate


  • Three prizes will be given in both the undergraduate and graduate categories.
    1. First Prize:$200 prepaid debit card
    2. Second Prize: $100 prepaid debit card
    3. Third Prize: $50 prepaid debit card
  • One Student choice award by popular ballot will be given.

Winners will be announced and awards given at the GIS Day Expo.


Registration deadline: Friday, November 7th

Poster submission deadline Thursday, Monday, November 10th, submit to Melissa Scott at in PDF format sized as specified below.

How to participate

  1. Complete and submit the registration form below by November 7th. You will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Prepare your poster to show your research activities. The content of your poster can range from preliminary results to the ready-for-submission-to-journal results. *Free printing is available for the first 10 entries, your confirmation email will notify you if you are eligible for free printing and proivide more information.
  3. Poster size is 48-inch in width and 36-inch in height.
  4. Submit your poster in electronic form by November 10th.
  5. Display your poster by 10:00am at the GIS Day Expo on 11/20/2014. Easels, form board and adhesive materials will be provided to all participants on site
  6. Attend your poster from 10:30am - 12:00pm to meet students and judges

Evaluation and Criteria

Entries will be evaluated by faculty judges from the GIS Day Expo committee.

Evaluation criteria is available at OU GIS Day Scorecard.




Please provide the following information to complete your registration. A confirmation email will be sent to you after your poster registration is approved.

Technical Support

  • For technical questions on poster preparation and evaluation, please contact Dr. Sadiq Kahn ( who leads the Student Poster Contest.
  • For printing contact Melissa Scott (
  • For accommodations on the basis of disability contact Melissa Scott at

Registration period ended or not open yet

Registered Posters

Graduate Student

  • Mapping Social Vulnerability and its Relationship to Tornado Fatalities Kuster, Charles

    University of Oklahoma

  • Mapping the Duration and Severity of Drought Impacts on Grasslands in the Southern Great Plains Yuting , Zhou

    University of Oklahoma

  • Parallel Quadtree Encoding of Large-Scale Raster Geospatial Data on Multicore CPUs and GPGPUs Leal, Eleazar

    University of Oklahoma

  • City of Bethany: Mapping out Storm Shelters Barker, Danielle

    University of Oklahoma

  • Making Zoning Code in Tornado Alley -Base on Analysis of Past Tornado Nam, Mija

    College of Architecture

  • Urban Growth Analysis - Case Study of Henderson County Nam, Mija

    College of Architecture, OU

  • Mapping of Gold Mineralization Alteration Zones in Central Eastern Desert Egypt using Spectral Angular Mapper and Aeromagnetic Hasan, Emad

    University of Oklahoma

  • Sensitivity of vegetation index and gross primary productivity to drought and heat waves in Europe Zhang, Yao

    University of Oklahoma

  • Is Primary Productivity a Predictor of Avian Migration? Contina, Andrea

    Oklahoma Biological Survey - OU

  • A distribution of SSI recipients among counties in Oklahoma Nguyen, Nhan

    College of Public Health, OUHSC

  • GIS in Emergency Management: The use of GIS in the May 20th Tornado in Oklahoma Holland, Kaitie

    University of Oklahoma

  • A novel distribution map of the invasive alga Prymnesium parvum (golden algae) and the association of bloom occurrences with oil Allison, Brenda

    University of Oklahoma

  • Detecting a Climate Signal in the U.S Tornado Record Hatzis, Josh

    University of Oklahoma

  • Sensitivity analysis of a water-related vegetation index to drought over tallgrass prairie sites Bajgain, Rajen


Undergraduate Student

  • Space, Time and Crime: A spatiotemporal analysis of criminal activities on the campus of University of Oklahoma Phooko, Matankiso

    University of Oklahoma

  • Monitoring Oklahoma Lake Water Quality Using Remote Sensing Barrett, Clay

    Oklahoma State Univeristy

  • A spatial and temporal analysis of population and railroads in the United States Allen, Jeremy

    University of Oklahoma

  • Mapping Tornado Injuries & Fatalities in Oklahoma (2000-2013) Amalathithada, Perry

    University of Oklahoma

  • Ebola and Economics in Africa Stills, Andrew

    University of Oklahoma

  • Land Cover Change: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Las Vegas, Nevada from 1992-2011 Petrucci, Taylor

    University of Oklahoma

  • A Red State: Conditions for Wine Production in Oklahoma Castleberry, Becca

    University of Oklahoma

  • Time Study of Regional Arrests in Oklahoma McLaughlin, Michael

    The University of Oklahoma

Post-doctoral associate, research scientists and faculty members

  • Retrieval of Actual Evapotranspiration from Ground and Satellite Observations Over the Conterminous United States Xue, Xianwu


  • Mapping of Groundwater Potential Zones in Nuweiba area, Egypt Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS Abuzied, Sara

    University of Oklahoma

  • Integrating Human and Radar Observation Networks to Understand Phenology of Purple Martin Fagin, Todd

    University of Oklahoma

  • Dr. Dong, Jinwei

    University of OKlahoma

  • Postdoc Wagle, Pradeep

    University of Oklahoma

  • Evaluate the potential of Landsat 8 imagery for mapping paddy rice planting area QIN, Yuanwei

    University of Oklahoma

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