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GIS Day 2013 at the University of Oklahoma, Nov 20th 2013  

Georeferenced Field Photo Contest


Georeferenced Field Photo Contest




A photo is worth a thousand words, and a geo-referenced field photo is even better. If you have a GPS smartphone, tablet and camera, please join thousands of people to take and share field photos that document our beautiful landscapes (e.g., crops, rangelands, forests, wetlands, lakes and soils), fire, drought, floods and other disturbances. If you already have many geo-referenced field photos, please also join thousands of people to share your field photos at the Global Geo-Referenced Field Photo Library ( All these field photos will show your footprints of travel and support monitoring our Planet Earth.

If you submit your field photos within the period of September 1 – November 15, 2013, you are qualified to win a cash prize (US$300) or a GPS camera or a tablet with equivalent or higher values.

What field photo awards are available to participants

    • One Most-Active-Participant Award will be given to a participant who provides most number of geo-referenced field photos with reasonable good quality and metadata.
    • One Best-Quality-Field-Photo Award will be given to a participant who provides a best quality of field photo (similar to the Photo of the Day in National Geographic). Each participant can submit one photo for consideration of Best-Quality-Field-Photo Award.
    • One Field Photo Participation Award will be given. It will be selected by random drawing from people who register and participate in the Field Photo Contest.

The winners will be announced on 11/20/2013 at the end of GIS Day event.

Register your participation

Deadline for field photo submission is November 15, 2013

Please first set up a user account at the Global Geo-Referenced Field Photo Library at the University of Oklahoma (, and then provide the following information to complete your registration for field photo contest. A confirmed email will be sent to you after your field photo contest registration is approved.

How to prepare and participate

  1. Use your smartphone GPS, GPS-enabled camera or other mobile device with GPS to take field photos. For additional help on how to take field photos, please read the introductory materials at the website
  2. Login and upload your geo-referenced field photos to the Field Photo Library (
  3. Edit and label your geo-referenced field photos in the Field Photo Library

Technical question and support

For technical questions, please contact Mr. Jonah Duckles ( or Dr. Jinwei Dong (


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